The look is your business card.

The makeover is finally becoming accessible to everyone.

The agency DS RELOOKING allows you to capitalize on its strengths in line with his personality.
The look is an important showcase, it is not to disguise but to reveal.
With the advice of a professional image, learn to reveal your beauty and personality with a personalized diagnosis.

Democratize the makeover without compromising the quality.

  • Company: events, incentive, corporate coaching, works council, animation retail space.
  • Individuals: women, men, teen, young mother, mother-daughter, couple.
  • Events: birthdays, weddings, Christmas, Valentine's Day, bachelorette party girl, baby shower.
Customer benefits:
  • Under 25 years: 10% discount on all packages offered.
  • Benefit taken as a duo or trio: 10% discount (friends or family).
benefits can be made on weekdays and weekends by appointment.


You want to offer a makeover session, receive a gift package & voucher to the address of your choice. Offer a gift voucher


The makeover is a set of techniques that are designed to enhance the appearance so that it is consistent with the style and personality of a person.

Objectives of a makeover:
  • Taking its image, take care of yourself, have fun.
  • Present an image in line with its own personality.
  • Affirm-style, boost its speed, make a fresh start.

Why use an image consultant?
Change is not always so simple.
For personalized results, it is imperative to take into account the age, personality and needs of the client.

Give a face pack, dressing pack or full pack.


The importance of the makeover in business.
Did you know that 80% of our communication is transmitted through non-verbal?

The picture is too often ignored by business leaders, executives, salespeople.

The diffuse image yet essential information.
It is a communication medium that can serve or serve the individual and therefore its evolution and professional project.

  • Make the image its best ally, it becomes a factor in professional success.
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